Any species which collaborates the best is the one that can survive & thrive in this 21st century. Had Darwin been alive today, he would have said – Survival of the collabest! 

Desee Art works with like-minded brands and organizations, catering to their growth and helping them to achieve promotions and a greater reach.

At Desee, we treat each brand, artist, or organization individually and provide our customized solutions through meaningful collaborations.

We work along with fashion designers to ideate and help to identify the next set of artistic designs for their next fashion show.

Sustainable fashion isn’t a fad but here to stay. If you want to build a truly sustainable fashion brand that aspires to connect with the global audience, then we might have a thing or two to contribute! 

We also work with interior designers helping them to completely manifest a project or event. We support designers with ideation, art resources, and artworks and take care of the curated artworks to be shown in projects.

We love to work with innovative architects for their new projects and support as per our best ability, be it a  new cafeteria at an offbeat location or creating architecture as a public art installation. We are keen on supporting sustainable architectures in various places and like-minded creators can connect with us. New and experienced artists with their ideas can always reach out to Desee Art for the practical realization and execution of their projects.