Futuristic Earth Core

Remy Martin


Lady with Bird

It flows Inward

Counter Table of the Blackyard

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Are you an artist, who does or wants to do commissioned works done, tell us what type of commissioned works have you done so far or are you interested in. We’ll find the right patrons for you!

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Commission a work

You’re a music label, government body, event organiser, corporate, campaign manager, real estate player, coworking space, sports team owner or just an art connoisseur and wants to get a commissioned artwork done but dont know how & where to get it done? Tell us what you want & we will get it done for you. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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About Us

Desee is an Indian brand which is proud of its local art & culture and it’s purpose is to create a content-driven global community of Indian art lovers. Here Art lovers can discover, discuss and debate on Indian artists and their art. Desee will do its level best to curate indigenous and modern Indian art. We will keep you informed and updated on the various art works, artists, and art forms of the India.

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Art Works
Sunrise at Gajipur Garbage Hills
The Traveller’s Eye
All Is Water, and to Water We Must Return
Call Me by Your Name
Tracing a cartographer’s trail
Sublime Transferences
Emphasizing Stillness
Stirring Still
Shadows under my Sky
What we can do for you

Local artists upliftment

We work along with local artists to understand their skills & creativity. Basis this we figure out ways in which we can promote these artists through various collaborations & events. If you’re looking forward to explore local indigenous Indian art forms, feel free to reach out to us. Did we mention that most of the letters in our logo are made of indigenous Indian art forms?

Anonymous Art Trading

Have a premium Indian artwork that you’ve lived with for past couple of years / decades but would want someone else to own it now? Reach out to us, we help in finding the right match for the given artwork. Trust us, not everyone who can afford to buy a premium artwork deserves it. Finding the right match is our prerogative! Looking forward to add some specific Indian artists’ work in your portfolio. Reach out to us, our ears are…

Art Advisory

Some wonder what is art? Some wonder why is it required? Some believe it’s a fraud! Now let me ask you a question – Who are we? I mean who are we if not our culture. Our education, designation, net worth doesn’t define us. Our culture does! And artists are custodians of this culture. Sometimes they are also culture creators! Sometimes they are rule breakers! Artists also help us create future! Hence it’s important to patronise, preserve and appreciate art.…

Art Curation

Corporates Whether you’re part of an IT firm, creative agency, hotel, cafe, restaurant or a coworking space; any physical space is incomplete without art! And hey stop thinking of some colours within a square frame as the only form of art. Art is much diverse and it requires a curatorial approach to decide what fits where? Which is where we come into picture! We can definitely help you with it. Individuals Your House + Our Art + Your Love =…

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