Arun Kumar HG has an interesting story to tell. It is unique and is bound to pique your curiosity into how the journey of an artist looks like. He has worked for a while in the toy industry and thus his experience of sculpting borrows from there. The idea that largely marks his work is finding a sense of complexity in simplicity. It sounds like a juxtaposition but most of his worldview has been shaped by looking at the simple world of children’s toys. However, the meaning that the work carries does not necessarily have to be simple. That kind of a perception is especially foregrounded in his works which talk about sustainability as well. Even though he is an artist based in Gurgaon, he makes sufficient time to go back to his native village where he collaborates with other environmental activists regarding the aspect of sustainability. It is a topic that holds much significance to him and an installation like ‘Plastic Drop’ brilliantly captures that emotion. The work is simple, not simplistic. To reiterate, even that one ignored bottle cap which we chuck into the bin is creating an enormous impact on the environment. And in moments like these we go back to old sayings which say that each drop contributes to the making of a sea. These bottle caps are like bullets, if you were to take a visual path of imagination: small yet destructive.

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