Working primarily with scrap material, junk and recycled metal artist Haribabu Natesan has been passionate about recreating art through what is often thought of as wate. He sees sculptures in metal scraps, he conjures up art forms from discarded computer hardware, he draws inspiration from electronic junk. The result is art that has a multipronged usage, it can grace a drawing room or garden, but not a junkyard.

An alumina of the Chennai School of Fine Arts, and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, (NID), Natesan brings his sense of design to his artwork while creating work that is evocative of both the garage and the workroom but he transforms it into an aesthetic experience that evokes several levels of experience which is a raw urban beauty coming together with the colourful palette from his home town Tamil Nadu. The Bazaar is as much part of his art as is the fine art studio and one gets a sense of this multiplicity of cultural expression with his bright yellows and shocking greens that sometimes veer into subtle greys and pinks.

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