13854 by Jaideep Mehrotra
4 ft x 4 ft
Acrylic, Oil, Metal, Mixed Media on Canvas

I am panic
Frenzied particles
Moving and shaping
Everything I seem to be
Inside of a
Concrete cage of consciousness
Inside of a
Dazzling dot and dye marked
Enigmatic epidermis
Here I am

– Jacqueline OConnor HelloPoetry

13854 is created by Mumbai based Indian Contemporary Visual Artist, Jaideep Mehrotra, born in 1954. He has a business degree from the University of Mumbai and was never formally trained in art. Jaideep Mehrotra was initially renowned for his work in acrylic painting but his refusal to stagnate at any particular time or with any single medium of creating art has led to him becoming a name to reckon with in the digital art world as well. Today, his portfolio boasts of an extensive repertoire of oil paint, acrylic, resin, fabric, metal (Mercury) and Giclee Print artworks, along with audio-video projects, public installations and web based art. He has had multiple art exhibitions and auctions in India and abroad, the most well known of which are the Reflections in Mercury exhibition in Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai and art auctions in Bonhams, London and Saffron art.

13854 is cleaved into two with a horizontal break-line in the upper half of the canvas, which shows an abstract paint splatter of rust red on a blue background, while the bottom half has a larger visual of dripping gold, a technique perfected by Mehrotra after years of experimenting with Metal On Canvas. The reflective nature of the piece offers social commentary on the ephemeral nature of social consciousness, and how human attention has the tendency to skip from one thing onto the next shiny new thing. 13854 is an extremely Cerebral Artwork that also breaks the fourth wall and makes the viewer’s own story cloud the way they experience and interpret the painting, since each viewer might see a different background and reality reflected in gold.

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