Acrylic On Canvas

The promised land in her eyes,
A whole story of sensuality in her body,
After a word comes out of her mouth a flower blooms in winter’s sleep,
The way she walks, steady, rock hard,
Placing her dreams where they should be,
Above humanity and notions of happiness,
Long ago, she was a seductress in the Promised World,
Unreachable to him, unknown to you,
But now I know her,
Like I always knew I wanted to know a wanderer of souls.

-Ivy’s Kiss @RBWhite1

Beholding to the phantasmagoria with askew alignment of brushstrokes, Rajesh Pullarwar forged several au naturel curves of a colleen paying hazy tribute to Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.  The unique way of his erection has stamped on it’s viewer the effect of  illusion throughout the canvas. The intensive Maroons have their own  Tartarean hue, inevitably felt with closed eyes in high beams whereas the  floating amber pops the baby doll’s face out. Around the corners of the  surface, sleek and slim lines flow across the curvy body in acrylic  sapphire. The continuous painting depicts the artist’s blear sensual  imagination throwing assured notion of pleasure.

Pullarwar was  born on 13th December 1974 in Nagpur and studied at the Sir J.J. School  of Art in Mumbai for his Bachelor’s degree with painting as the major  (in 2000) and Master’s in printmaking (in 2002). Besides taking part in  countless exhibitions, he stepped in IPEP (International Print Exchange  Program) throwing his wild imagination on canvas and exchanging his back  to back contemporary prints internationally. Pullarwar believes to  leave his pile of thoughts, feelings and ideas in the form of visuals. He  feels that in the process of evolution of human beings, there should be  a documentation of someone’s ideas, thoughts and also the process as a  part of analysis for the generations to come. Consequently, his  depiction of the world has unique contemporary combinations of all  forms, from classicals to illusions.

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Image credit: Rajesh Pullarwar

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