Benjamin Von Wong’s massive photo manipulated pieces represent the masses of hard to recycle plastic that is hoarding on Earth. Closer home, Vivan Sundaram is well-known for his trash project where he creates a similar sense of massiveness by manipulating trash. Both artists speak to the large amounts of waste that we as a society create and provide a social commentary for the same.

Wong is a Canadian artist who used to photograph as a hobby while working as a mining engineer. In an interview he mentioned, “I like to call myself a pollinator. I float between worlds, I care about everything. We live in a system where you don’t tackle one thing without tackling another. You can’t tackle plastics in the ocean without talking about poverty. You can’t tackle deforestation without talking about agriculture.”

He has tackled some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues through his photography like fashion pollution, plastic pollution, e-waste etc. He urges his viewers to reflect on their personal consumption habits.

He is also a motivational speaker, activist and an advocate against Ocean Plastics. He is notable for creating several viral social media campaigns including the most funded GoFundMe campaign which raised over US$2M for Eliza O’Neill, a sufferer of Sanfilippo syndrome.


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