– 36″x30″
– Acrylic on canvas
– 2016

Dr. Kumudhini is a dentist by education but an artist by heart and soul. She works on food hyper-realism with Indian tea “Chai” as her focus. She can probably be called as the tjalfsparnaay of India! During her travels she focuses on tea consumption, the complementaries that people have along with it and the setups in which they have. If she is unable to travel to a place, she will speak to her network, ask them to send across that morning’s newspaper along with a local tea cup!

This painting captures the cup of tea, samosa and newspaper to extreme levels of reality. It captures a moment in every Indian’s experience and creates an emotional memory. This is the beauty of paintings of the HYPER REALISM category. The painting is a story in itself narrating the culture of India with the symbolic tea, newspaper and samosa and emphasises the informality of the Indian culture as it is served.

Tea is ‘takila shot’ to Indians could be a humorous way to express the feel of having tea in India.

In India people have ‘tea break’ instead of coffee and these are common to all designations of people from the sweeper of a company to the owner of any company. The description of Indian roads is incomplete without talking about the ‘tapri’ which is a small tea stall on the road side where people gather to take a break from work and have tea with friends

or colleagues. Having hot tea in monsoon as well as in cold mornings is satisfying to most! It energises the mind. Tea, being a habit to every Indian, is not only available on the footpath but also served in a five star hotel.

It is very easy to prepare and there are a variety of flavours to it coming from the fields of India, with its ingredients having medicinal value to it making it like the energy drink for just any or every Indian.

In almost every Indian household or work space, the day starts with serving tea. To an Indian, this painting might evoke an intimate memory of tea and samosa and for a person outside India, it is a story of India.

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