90cm x 120cm
Mix Media

Black doll, they
Catcall me.
But, I’m no black
And no doll.
I’m your crimson sex
With methane flesh.
And awake.
Headless, I will still
Hunt you down.

Tell me love,
Is you real muse,
Then know, that
I’m your dark abuse.

Show me shelter
And I will become the nest.
Show me war
And I will show you blood.
Only the one with a womb,
Knows the real pleasure
Of killing.
Only the one who builds blood,
Know the secret of death.
– Priyal Woodpecker

The thrilling emphasis of blood sprouting, corrals all eyes to this form of Chinnamasta. Grey and lemony setting of the picture was deliberately splashed at the corners in order to throw escalated attention towards the Tantric deity. Sara Khalafi had elegantly sprinkled and fondled the blood red acrylic visualizing a real severed head. Strong yet fine brush strokes seen through Her open hair glorifies the artist’s constancy and devotion to the canvas. She is a life-giver and life-taker and speaks of self sacrifice as well as sexual dominance and power. The Yogini towards the left guzzles the pure blood while wrapped by a snake around her neck. Transition of the chapped gold flakes around the feet of the Devi representing Her royalty and honour makes it the best point to rest the eyes on.

Sara Khalafi was born in 1983, Tehran, Iran. She completed her graduation and post graduation in Iran and came to India 8 years ago and traveled around 56 cities. She has been keenly intrigued in comprehending the unheard mythological beliefs of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and has an agile talent to layer her thoughts on canvas. She has her own astounding way of representing the Gods and Goddesses, stories of Maharajas and their powers, with limited palette, highly eminent colors and idiosyncratic movement of brushes. She calls herself the Kali equating to great strength and will to prove herself. Her paintings speak as loud as her thoughts.

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