5′ x 5′

Acrylic On Canvas and rice-paper


 One takes it
Other creates life
One feeds on darkness
Other thrives in light
Influence of the affluent
Or is it of the effluent
They are one, one and the same,
At least for the namesake.

The painting is titled ‘Flower Pot’,  which is another name for a firecracker known as “Anaar” or “The  fountain”. It is a part of Anila Kumar Govindappa’s new series which he  aptly calls “Visible and Invisible City”, the idea for which came to him  during a flight to Bangalore. The painting draws parallels between the  two flower pots, the one used as a cracker during the popular Hindu  festival of Deepawali  and the one used for planting flowers. The use of bright colors catches  attention immediately. The artist has used different shades of blue to  accentuate the night sky as the backdrop for the bursting cracker. It’s  noteworthy how the artist has managed to portray the scene of  destruction and rejuvenation with the same green. The image of a  bursting cracker is akin to the devastation we cause to our surroundings  and the irony that it has the same name as something which symbolizes  life is not lost on anyone. It is also worth mentioning that despite  this beautiful amalgamation of different colors, each one of them stands  out, as if trying to make their presence known to the viewer.


Anila Kumar Govindappa is a 25-year old Bangalore based artist, who completed his Masters in  Fine Arts from Central University Hyderabad. The artist’s oeuvres are  the quintessence of circumambient art. He derives strongly from the  socio-economic state of his surroundings, draws from contemporary  scenarios and weaves them together in a visual narrative that describes  what his eyes see, but through an artist’s lens. His works usually have a narrative on urban cities. His contemporary inspirations include the  likes of Kiki Smith, Leonardo Drew and some of his college peers, while his art is also influenced by the great legends such as Michelangelo Pistoletto.

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