Curated by Dr.Devika Singh with Amy Tobin and Grace Storey
12 November 2019 – 2 February 2020

“Home murmurs ‘Where have you been?’ And I cannot help but say ‘Away, looking for you.”
-Noor Unnahar

Home is the most dearly known, yet a layered space of memories, nostalgia and yearnings. And its definition is different for every individual. ‘Homelands: Art from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan’, Curated by Dr. Devika Singh with Amy Tobin and Grace Storey, traces the complex history of displacement, migration and the definition of home that is always in flux. In the last century, the massive waves of homeless people continuously pounded the newly bordered land of post-partition India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This exhibition at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge conveys a very political message through the memories of personal loss, collective mournings and the complex question of identity.

Desmond Lazaro, one of the participating artists, sojourned in Cambridge for three months to interview migrant families from Bangladesh, Chile, Hungary and the US. He took references from their family photographs and portraits of the people who define home to others. The copies of the photographs are evident of his prowess in miniature style of painting. The compelling paintings tell the story of a separation not only from the land but also from the people who belong to it.

A son to migrant parents from Burma to the UK, Desmond Lazaro studied painting at the University of Central Lancashire, UK (1990), and later received a Master’s Degree (1994) from M S University of Baroda, India. From Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, UK he did his second master’s (1997). Four solo shows are to his credit including ‘The In-Coming Passengers at Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai (2016), exhibitions at Ben Brown Fine Arts, London(2012), Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Dusseldorf (2010) and Paintings at Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai (2008). He lives and works between Pondicherry and Australia.

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Artist image credit: Desmond Lazaro via Facebook 

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