36 x 48 in
Acrylic On Canvas

We met under the willow trees
Our conversation was bittersweet
Just like your lips and the night you gave me
But now the lust lingers in our veins
Like your perfume on my skin
And your eyes in my paintings
We may never see each other again
But for a while I feel like I

‘In Memory of Elizabeth Reed’ is a bewitching masterpiece created by Vijit Pillai. Inspired by the song of the same name by the Allman Brothers, the painting sings haunting songs of pain and predilection. The southern blues country band created this poignant tune in 1970, and this piece pays homage to them. The gravestone is a reference to the band’s disposition to write their songs in a graveyard. Howbeit, the indelible eyes are of Pillai’s ex-girlfriend, a person who was paramount to him. A person he could never have.

Vijit Pillai commenced his journey as an artist at a very young age when his mother handed him a canvas and some paint when he was merely three years old. She, an artist herself, inaugurated his passion by exposing him to Contemporary Art and Traditional Art. His avidity began with oil paints while he attended Doon School in Uttrakhand. His time working as an advertising professional reignited his love for art. He was superlative with photoshop and digital design, as well as photography. His prowess in these areas plays a major role in the art he creates. Vijit has a penchant for creating works in a motley of unique styles and incorporating memories and relationships that have had an impression on him. His raison d’être is to create art that occupies the walls of peoples’ most salient spaces, and he has reified this. His most notable exhibitions include a group show at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort at Fujairah, UAE and show at Sublime Art Gallery in Bangalore.

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