Oil On Canvas

He watched the moon,
As it became immune
To his galaxy eyes.
Silver liquid flowing,
The night’s come to a closing,
As he mixed his ‘sky dye.’
At least, that’s what the stars said,
As each one rubbed his head
Colored images glowing,
His eyelids began lowering,
As he, again, was forced to fight
– Car Alexander Defelice (hello.poetry.official)

This iconic painting shows a vast landscape, apparently a primordial  forest surrounding a circular waterfall. The artist establishes  meticulous details of depictions on this surreal art and conveys it as a metaphor. The center resembles a  self-gratification that we ourselves experience. The well like source  with the inward flowing incandescent light, illuminates, not only its  surroundings, but also what appears to be like a planet in space.  Over a period of time it gradually gives way for a pictorial  articulation and leans towards being intellectual, dealing with visual  puns. This dreamlike territory is shown with the use of oil on canvas  and the glowing fluorescent inward flow of the stream with black, yellow  and green colors in use.

Born on 26 August 1984, Umesh PK,  is an artist based in Vadodara. He is a native of Kerala and pursued  MFA in Painting from Hyderabad Central University in 2008. His recurring  subject of surreal landscapes is instilled from memories of his  childhood. Through his works he narrates a pictorial fiction of an  imagined geography, its rituals, and creation myths. According to him  his artistic pursuit and imageries of his works are drawn from a world  of mythopoeia.  Every painting is an episode from a personal myth, which draws an  interrelationship between each painting and makes them part of a larger  narration. And because all representations are myths in which our  perception is confined, he doesn’t set boundaries for us to interpret his art the way we want to.

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