Oil On Canvas

I lay pondering
if I had lost my old charm.
I was made to show the way
I meant no harm.
I was there to care,
I was there to bless,
I was with you in the dark,
I was meant to caress.
But now I’m old,
I’m rusted, I’m shunned.
Away in a corner so dark,
I’m stunned.
I doubt if I’m alive,
am I still all the worth?
am I the one that once gave the light,
or something in the dearth?
I spend my days,
Pondering to no end.
Unending hope there is,
Hoping to be on the mend.

This painting of an old, rusted lantern emits the essence of rural  everyday life. It is a timeless appeal to the distant past. The choice  of the object itself is a pragmatic portrayal that stands true to its  purpose and proximity to those whose lives rely on it. Minimalist colors  inspire focus and allow one to realize that the soul of the object  lies in its state. The rusting metal shows a bygone condition. The  tilted angle depicts it has been shunned, and relegated to a dark, dusty  place, probably in the attic, and the shadow towards a single side  deduces there is a source of light coming from a perforation. The artist  seems to have rescued it from obscurity before it goes back to being  forgotten in the dark. It is that moment that has been captured to  perfection in this StillLifePainting.

Born in 1976, Anjaneyulu Gundu,  is a hyperrealist painter from Garidepally, Telangana. His distinctive  style emanates amazement and admiration and impresses the viewer for the  astounding realism and richness of details. His ability to perceive the  shades of chiaroscuro creates contrasts that touch the soul of the  observer. Though a champion of the humdrum, his works are by a stark  degree that prodigious. He believes that every object is an actor in a  larger scene and every scene a part of another act. His inspiration  comes from travelling across villages, and every time he notices  something obsolete, he feels the urge to bring them back. Almost similar  to the works of the Italian painter, Roberto Bernardi, Anjaneyulu uses everyday objects, and prefers Oil on Canvas.

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