In celebration of World Environment Day, Desee Art is proud to showcase the work of Haribaabu Naatesan.

World Environment Day is an initiative instituted by the United Nations. Since it began in 1974, this day fosters the need for the international community to succor the planet and there is no one who weens this philosophy with greater elan than the artist, Haribaabu Naatesan.

Haribaabu Naatesan is an artist who upcycles e-waste to metamorphose it into sculptures and installation pieces. This predilection began to burgeon when he created sculptures of a spider and a crab to apply to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. During the epoch of the project, he realized he lacked money. To make the most of an inapt situation, he resolved to create his pieces out of scrap material. This happenstance marked a turning point in his esse as an artist. Ensuing his procurement of a masters degree in animation, he began working in a sundry of production houses. He soon realized his creativity was being curbed. Seeking carte blanche, he left his job in 2009 and made his hobby a full-time job. Naatesan professed that he initially questioned his decision but, through his undeniable zeal, persevered.

Succeeding over four years of working with negligible earnings, he started to gain momentum. “Artists don’t become famous overnight,” he averred. He reckons that the impetus of his success was his patience. Naatesan accredits his success to his solo show in August of 2011 titled “Wtf?!” in Gallery Art Positive in New Delhi. As of today, his opus has been showcased in exhibitions from India to Azerbaijan.

The sculpture pictured here is the symbol of “Make In India” made entirely out of automobile scraps. The lion comprised primarily of cogs is currently placed at Carnac Bunder Circle, Mumbai.

What do you think about Upcycled Art? Do you think India should have a much larger and massive Make in India sculpture? Let us know in the comments!

Read more about Haribabu’s work on his website.

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