Marina Debris is someone whose journey was as organic as it gets. As she moved to Venice Beach in Australia she was struck by the conditions of the local beaches. And so on her runs on the beach, she started collecting trash on a daily basis.
She then started using trash in her artworks to raise awareness on beach pollution. Her brand of artwork is called ‘trashion’, which means exactly what it sounds like- an amalgamation of trash and fashion. 

Besides being an artist, she is also an enterprising activist. She raises funds for envioronmental organisations and is in constant collaboration with non-profit organizations. She also promotes and contributes in schools to educate children about ocean pollution.

In her most recent endeavour, Debris found about 300 face masks and used them for a trashion display.

Image 1: DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR (rt) • made from takeaway containers found on the beach, dress dummy found on the street. 
Modeled by Cloe Fournier, photographed by Stephen Wong at Elizabeth Bay House.

Image 2: THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY • Made entirely from trash found on the beach. Model: Laura Wells, photo: NicWalker, hair & makeup, Kerrie Jane Bailey. Commissioned by TOMRA.

Image 3: SIREN • Made from trash found washed up on the beach. Model: Aria Love, photo: Lisa Bevis, hair: Nina Paskowitz, makeup: Andrew Shulman.


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