Pen And Ink On Canvas

A thousand leaves I see around,
A thousand drops of water abound.
In the hands of nature I’m safe and secure,
This blessing feels so noble and pure.
With birds set free and full of grace,
It is here that I find my peace and solace,
Flowers afresh to calm my soul,
It is this moment that my heart just stole.

The art work exudes of freshness from all elements of nature. The expressionist style carefully executed with a crowquill displays a simple choice of subject, yet sophisticated in execution. The artist’s love for nature is immensely tangible in this piece of work. The intentional inclusion of a circle by the artist indicates “focus” which grants the observer to comprehend that transcendence of nature’s immense beauty lies in its purpose and benefits. It converges the enormous beauty of creation to this focal point. It is the scant use of color that discloses the colossal quantity of meaning and wisdom. Whether it guides a lost soul to pivot into hope, or lets one delve into the serenity of freedom; it is left for the admirer to decide.

Umakant Kanade was born in Maharashtra on June 15, 1965. He worked as an artist with some popular comic strips, however, with the advent of technology lost its audience. It was then when he began to develop his own style using the crow quill. According to him, it is the simple things that stash away the true treasures of happiness. With his coherent choice of components from nature he seeks to inspire people who provide meaning and wisdom. For instance, a stone makes him think of tolerance, patience and strength that acts as a reinforce during adversity. This award winning artist has had several solo exhibitions in Creative Art Gallery in Dubai, Indian Art Guru in UK, and few others in New York.

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