New Devi by Jayesh Joshi
Series: New Gods
Digital Illustration

Remember, Woman, remember
you are more than you can see.
Remember, Woman, remember
you are loved endlessly.
Remember, Woman, your power, and grace,
the depth of your deep sea heart.
Never forget you are Woman, divine,
as you have been from the start.
“Remember, woman” by @Reese.Leyva

The ‘New God’ series is a set of Digital Illustrations created by Jayesh Joshi, a 23 year old artist, graduated from the Shrishti School of Art And Design and Technology. While trained in the fields of illustration and animation, Joshi prefers the groundwork, visual developments and interpretations that come with the former. More often than not, his inspiration comes from ephemeral moments of intense emotion and he finds the discipline of representing these bursts of human experience to be far more engaging. This series in particular is inspired from the work of the portrait and fashion photographer, Haris Nukem. The illustration explores the connection between divinity and humanity. Joshi believes that impulse and free will give humans the ability to affect people outside of themselves and are not to be underestimated. Christening humans as ‘New Gods’, we are thereby urged to give every human the respect we would to our gods.

The New Devi artwork explores the connection between female sexuality, which is finding a clearer voice in India today, with religion and culture, which have so far managed to suppress discourse on that side of life. It shows a young woman, sindoor on her forehead, gazing at the viewer with apparent sensuality. The illustration also sheds light on the irony of Indian women, themselves so docile and subservient, praying to and finding idols in Hindu Goddesses like Sita, Lakshmi and Durga, who are so bold and unflinching in the face of conflict and danger.

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