Curator and poet Ranjit Hoskote’s latest curatorial venture, ‘Patterns of Intensity’,
is where eleven creative individuals converge, whose practices are informed by
social, political, environmental or personal concerns. Curated as part of the Delhi
Contemporary Art Week, this exhibition is currently on display at the Art Alive
Gallery, New Delhi.

Featured artists Anil Thambai, Barkha Gupta, Chandrashekar Koteshwar, Ghana
Shyam Latua, Kaushik Saha, Meghna Patpatia, Purvai Rai, Savia Mahajan, Suman
Chandra, Teja Gavankar, and Vipul Badva have used a wide range of materials
and techniques to give their thoughts an intended shape. Anil Thambai’s works in
graphite are delineated in a way that the intricate architectural forms appear to
be crocheted, inviting the viewer to witness a distinct spatial experience. A
different painstaking method of pricking with the needle is adapted by artist
Ghana Shyam Latua as he creates the pensive, monochromatic landscapes of present-day
Khoai, a victim of rapid urbanization. Vipul Badva’s cityscapes talk about a
similar concern of urban mobility, migration and settlement.

Patterns Of Intensity coalesces responses of eleven emerging artists who, as the
curator states, “…remain preoccupied with the great existential questions that all
artists have addressed: How to map spaces of repose and consolation, healing
and mending, for the fragile and embattled self?”

The exhibition continues until 30th April.

Image credit: artalivegallery


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