‘A line is a dot that went for a walk.’

-Paul Klee

‘Still, on the Verge…’, Parul Gupta’s first solo exhibition at Nature Morte, Delhi, showcased the significant body of her works so far. Artist’s fascination for the square form is evident in each of the exhibits in this show. Starting from drawing a simple straight line, Gupta works with a range of mediums in painting and sculpture. Her square frames, though give an impression of strict symmetry and uniformity at the first glance, strongly defy to embrace conformity. Created a minimalistic style Gupta’s black and white and near monochromatic works appear to be dissected from a Rubik’s box. With a limited palette, she forms several layers with meticulously drawn fine lines, which eventually complicate the reading of the work and offer diverse interpretations to the audience.

Parul Gupta received her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the Delhi University in 2000 and went on to the Nottingham Trent University in the UK to study art. She completed post-graduation studies in 2011. Her solo exhibitions were hosted by Lakeeren Gallery, Mumbai; Institute Cervantes and Exhibit320, New Delhi. She has been part of several group shows organised by the major art galleries in India such as Shrine Empire Gallery, New Delhi, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai and the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, to name a few. She was part of the group show, ‘When Is Space?’, curated by Rupali Gupte and Prasad Shetty. Gupta lives and works in the New Delhi suburb of Noida.

The exhibition has been extended until the end of July 2021.

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