We often admire artists, follow their practice for a considerable time, but fail to notice their influence on their contemporaries or the kind of intellectual exchange that takes place between fellow artists. Mumbai-based Akara Art ideates its ongoing exhibition ‘Stirring Still’, from such concern and brings together the works of Nasreen Mohamedi and Jeram Patel, two of the most prominent names of the Baroda Group in the last century. They were colleagues, friends, contemporary to each other, but most importantly connected through their language of solitude.

While Nasreen Mohamedi chose a minimalist expression of lines, Jeram Patel, on the other hand, dealt with the materiality of wood by burning it with a blowtorch and creating labyrinth-like shapes. Mohamedi’s austere works on white paper stand in contrast to Patel’s use of bright colours on wood. And yet they both show certain kinds of sensibility that are interconnected. The exhibition note aptly quotes Geeta Kapur, “If in the Indian situation we want to find a single complementary (also in a paradoxical sense, contradictory) artist vis-a-vis Nasreen, it should finally be Jeram Patel.”

Stirring Still is on display till 24th September at Akara Art, Mumbai.

Image courtesy of akara art

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