History has witnessed time such as this that, with its unprecedentedness, impacts the successive years in every possible way. These moments stand at the juncture of shifts in social and collective life. ‘Sublime Transferences’, an ongoing exhibition at Emami Art, Kolkata, ponders the concerns instigated by the bleak time of the pandemic with a diverse range of artworks by Anindita Chakraborty, Apu Dasgupta, Gargee Ghosh, Mani Murugesan, Promiti Hossain, Puspen Roy, Rima Kundu, Soghra Khurasani, Srikanta Paul and Vishwa Shroff. Kolkata-based curator Nanak Ganguly has curated the show for Emami Art.

Ganguly writes in the curatorial note, “I have always felt an artist’s life and images are responses to some pressing cultural and historical needs of the time one lives in, and the artistic motivation drives the mind into a journey of discovery, exploration and learning.” As these ten artists respond to their time, a melange of visual representations of their surroundings as well as their innermost sensibility and frailty structures the distinct voice of the exhibition.

‘Sublime Transferences’ will be on display until 31st August.

Image courtesy of emami art

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