Ruing for something interesting to do over the weekend? Fret no more. If you happen to be in New Delhi, head out to the Talwar Gallery, New York | New Delhi on any day up to the 18th of May and feast your eyes on some beautiful art by Sheila Makhijani.

“This That and The Other” offers the rare opportunity to view Sheila Makhijani’s recent artworks—a body of work that has consistently pushed the boundaries between media, guided by an unceasing, playful interest in line, form and color.

At the exhibition’s beginning is ‘All Over The Place’, an installation being exhibited for the first time in India since its creation in The Netherlands over a quarter century ago. Arranged simply on the floor, ‘All Over The Place’ (1994) appears to be excavations from an archaeological dig or simply playful objects randomly strewn across a child’s room. Some appear familiar, some functional and some seem to be remains of what they once were. The objects, scattered, still seem to be connected with an invisible force of their origin, exuding a palpable latent energy, humanistic and otherworldly at the same time. Almost metaphorically like the human mind, various thoughts randomly strewn across our consciousness; yet bound by the single common thread of our own individualities.

Makhijani, born in 1962, is an Indian Contemporary artist who currently lives and works in New Delhi. A thorough ‘Delhi-ite’, Makhijani attended College Of Art Delhi. After her post graduation in 1993, on earning a scholarship, she went on to study at Kanazawa College of Art in Japan.

Her work span across several media and a range of materials, including painting, gouache, mixed-media, collage and sculpture. She has actively participated in a number of workshops and art festivals, including Asia Pacific Triennial. Her works have been exhibited internationally including at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art. Talwar Gallery currently represents her, in New York and in New Delhi.

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