Figurative Art
Acrylic on Canvas

Madhusudhan Kumar, born in 1944 at Mangalore, a disciple of Ustaad  Vilayat Khan. He won the Bhulabhai Memorial Prize from Bombay Art  Society. He executed legendary portraits such as of Geeta Dutt, Guru Dutt,  Nani Palkhiwala, Hidayalulah, and Vilayat Khan Saheb. He lives and works  in Mumbai.

 I feel it’s beat –
 The chords of the hymn
 Through the silence, dusk and dim
 He plays the music that heal
 The pain of those wrinkled fingers I feel
 Rubbed across the strings
 Gifting thoughts their wings
 I praise the resonance born underneath
 in the rhythm of the beat

 I feel it’s beat –
 The hits of his soft palms
 Fingers drumming love alarms
 Reaching lows and running highs
 Mind wandering and my heart flies
 It’s energy flows from history
 Pouring the tales of mystery
 Where all the melodies meet
 There again, I feel it’s beat

Sitar and Kerva are two tremendous examples of Kumar’s exemplary works.  Being a disciple of Vilayat Khan Saheb, Kumar’s art work revolves  around classical Indian melodies. His strong brush strokes correspond  to the same rhythm giving phenomenal visual effects to music. The  painting itself speaks of a long saga from Farukabadi gharana, leaving the  viewers oblivion. Heavy white acrylic work on solid black gives the  striking chiaroscuro effect to the painting!

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