Acrylic on canvas

90 x 66 inches

A light he was to no one but himself
Where now he sat, concerned with he knew what,
A quiet light, and then not even that.
He consigned to the moon, such as she was,
So late-arising, to the broken moon
As better than the sun in any case
For such a charge, his snow upon the roof,
His icicles along the wall to keep;
And slept. The log that shifted with a jolt
Once in the stove, disturbed him and he shifted,
And eased his heavy breathing, but still slept.
One aged man—one man—can’t fill a house,
A farm, a countryside, or if he can,
It’s thus he does it of a winter night.
– An old man’s winter night, RobertFrost

The saggy, wrinkled skin is the first and easiest giveaway of an old man’s age. But, unless he verbalises, there is not much you are going to get of him. But wait, the eyes! The stories they hold of the years they have seen. The stories they hold, the tears they have shed, the joy they radiate, the disappointment they conveyed! Are they innocent, sagacious or deceptive? To capture a portrait in hyper realistic fashion is a difficult task in itself, Parag Sonarghare goes beyond it to capture the very soul of an old man in the winter of his years. The details of the skin, pores, hair and the depth of those eyes would rival Franco Clun’s pencil work portraits, and certainly go beyond the details of the Ian McKellan portrait by Joongwon Jeong. Hyper Realism calls for an excellent eye for details and a steady hand to match. Parag just added the understanding of the soul of a man to bring out the buried secrets of the man.
A performance artist in the years gone by, Parag moved to hyper realism in 2014, after an incident that set him exploring the frailty of the human body and the doomed hope of permanence that his mind nurtures. His leaning towards contemporary sarcasm gave way to rational thought that would go beyond the realms of time and portray things that are true beyond the confines of time.
Parag Sonarghare was born in Nagpur, India in 1987 and holds a BFA (Painting) from Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya (2008), Nagpur and an MVA (Art History and Aesthetics) from MS University, Baroda (2010).

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