At the shore, the lines are drawn. Both sides are fearful and suddenly thrown together. The refugee looks towards the shore to begin a new life. I am here now. YOU WILL KNOW ME. But what will be the form, quality and course of this encounter? It is uncertain.

-Tara Sabharwal


‘Waters Meet/ Sangam’ hosted by FiveMyles Gallery, New York, is curated by Tara Sabharwal as an extension of her previous curatorial venture, ‘YOU WILL KNOW ME: Migration Stories’, exhibited in 2020 at Art Alive Gallery, Delhi. With New York-based artists Mildred Beltre, Leslie Jean-Bart, and Mary Ting, curator and artist Tara Sabharwal unfolded the nuances of migration and experiences of living and absorbing the culture that the artists are presently in.


Water remained the protagonist of this curatorial framework which metaphorically addressed several concerns of the contemporary time such as migration, displacement, Refugee Crisis, cultural differences, xenophobia and more. Through portraying their lived experiences, the artists, in a larger context, reflect on these global issues.


The exhibition ended on 4th July 2021.


Image courtesy of tarasabharwal 


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