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Artist Name: Shovin Bhattacharya

Size: 6.67 X 2.5 X 2.5

Medium: Stainless steel, Aluminium, Wood

Year: 2022

Shovin often organizes these cuboid structures in a spherical shape, that then becomes a metaphor for the world, since he plays with in the dark prophecy that the world would soon be covered by buildings and much of nature would disappear. He does however hope, like the family of birds that built a nest at the top of one of his large outdoor sculptures, hat ‘nature finds a way to co-exist’, with this metallic and concrete world.

Interestingly he also his self-portrait, within his compositions. Often find that many of his viewers and patrons actually look for his self-portrait within his work, whether it is his sculptural-installations or his paintings and digital NFT work, he finds it important to be present in his work. Arguably the artist is always a part of their art but using the self has now become his chosen ‘metaphor’, for it is not just symbolic of himself but it also represents the ‘other’. The Common Man, who can connect immediately to his work and his situation where he engages with his surroundings to discover the mystery of life,” says the artist philosophically.


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