Ritu Kamath’s art work Circadian Rhythm represents the chronobiology of nature. The work is a polyhedron with three intricately painted surfaces representing the sky, earth and water. The surfaces meet at the apex indicating how the three are inter-related. The ticking clocks on the painted surfaces attract the viewer, reminding them that the process of life – whether plant, animal or human – is an ongoing one and can last only if it is a sustainable one.

A multidisciplinary artist, Ritu’s art transcends beyond the immediate and the personal to the level of the eternal and the universal. The Noida-based artist recently has been creating work that pays an ode to mother Nature in many of her recent works and has been looking at how the error of mankind has led to degradation and endangerment of nature. Her works are precise, intricate, reflecting an experienced hand and she uses various linear techniques like stippling, fine detailing by building up the dots. Her intricate work, painstakingly drawn with microscopic detailing, reflects her patience and concentration.

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