Satish has been painting for two decades, he has traversed the gamut of figurative works that recall the passionate impasto, musings of Vincent Van Gogh, moving on toward abstraction which celebrates pure colour and texture. His canvases evoke a three-dimensionality and form that celebrates earth shades like a deep madder red, the aquamarine of seashore blues, solemn slate greys, and the darkened shades of a black night. Besides evoking the aesthetics of abstraction Satish also has the predilection of reclaiming and recycling waste materials that he uses to evoke the textures and evocation of the earth, its unprocessed and un-tamed curst, its warmth and its fecundity and in some cases its sublimity and the reverential interpretation of the blackness of night, the freeing sensation of the endlessness of the azure sky. His emotions towards nature are deeply associated with colour and texture of his canvases and their abstract earthy hues.

Playing upon a variety of textures and forms the works traverse from sensuous to the subtle, using various unsuspecting objects to create these textures, he has now begun to work directly on the canvas with his hands, creating a mixture of expressions that are perhaps less conscious or controlled. While he has abandoned recognizable forms in favour of pure abstraction, the recent set of works do indicate a heft and volume. The painting transitions its source becoming a being in and of itself Satish has also been moving more towards monochromatic expressions with a preference for brighter colours.

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