Art Administration/Curation


Being a careful art administrator, Desee Art does all-around art curation of any space that speaks for the physicality and the purpose of the space and atmosphere.


Whether you are part of an IT firm, creative agency, hotel, cafe, restaurant, or coworking space, you would agree that any physical space is incomplete without art. And stop thinking of some colors within a square frame as the only form of art! Art is diverse and requires a kindly curatorial approach to understand the artistic demand of space and decide what fits where. This is where we come into the picture! 


Individuals & families

We do add poetry to an empty space with our art. We can help you curate exclusive artworks that can define your home because your home is a reflection of you & your family’s personality. The space should have an essence of the characters owning or residing in it. A well-curated set of art completes the relevant ambiance of the area and adds to the significance of the space.