Digital Presence (Artists and Galleries)


For Artists

Artists do understand that they can thrive in this creative economy by creating their unique, innovative voices. An authentic artist grows when they can help educate the audience and offer them new experiences. We help to connect with the global audience by building contextual curatorial content around our artists and body of works.

So if you’re an Indian artist aiming to make a comprehensive curated digital portfolio and create your powerful global visibility, you are gladly welcome to connect with us! At Desee Art, you will receive the finest artist management and treatment on your work.

We are also introducing various NFTs from our artists on our blockchain platform and it will be a pleasure to connect with emerging and established Indian artists wishing to grow in the NFT market. Desee Art helps artists to mint NFTs and acquire a greater reach of their works.


For Galleries 

We work along with galleries to create their digital presence and help them curate their content for their upcoming exhibitions and artist portfolios. Desee Art comprehends the visions and goals of the galleries and helps them to nurture and perfect them with utmost sincerity and expertise. 

Desee Art also curates all the NFT works available from the gallery and promotes them in methodical excellence. We help galleries to define and mint the possible NFT works from their collections. 

It is not a time to hesitate, but to understand, discuss and develop.