Vandana, born in Haryana, has completed her MFA in Fine Art from London, UK, after attending Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Arts & Craft, Mumbai, and achieving Masters degree in English from New Delhi following her Bachelors degree from Haryana. She has exhibited her work in India (Including New Delhi,  Mumbai, Kolkata), United Kingdom (including London), Switzerland, South Korea (Daegu Art Fair) and Thailand (Bangkok Art Biennale 2018). Her practice involves installation, mixed media sculpture & two dimensional work, live performance, and performance video. 

She has performed her first long durational Live Performance (175 hours in 22  days) titled – I The Flame, at Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, commissioned by Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI). She has been awarded Kingston Award Gold  Level in 2018 and GREAT Scholarship Award in 2015 by Kingston University & British Council London. 

Vandana was awarded Third Prize for her Live Performance Chapter Close, at pratyagati-Journey Home, exhibition cum competition in Mumbai, juried by eminent artists Mr. Subodh Gupta & Ms. Shilpa Gupta, and organized by Stiftung Futur, Switzerland in 2017. Her work, City of London, has been featured as staff  pick of the week during Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016 a year long touring exhibition in the UK. She received Creative Artist Award by Gallery Sree Arts in 2014. 

She had been an artist in residence at Stiftung Futur Artist Residency Program, Switzerland, in April-June 2013. 

Vandana received Excellence Award-First Prize for her monograph on Silence, by  RSAFAC, Mumbai in 2011, and the Best Artist 2003, title award, by Adarsh College(MDU) in addition to University Rank 13th in 2003. Her oeuvre includes two and three dimensional work, material pieces and performances.



The live performance, Calling from the DARK, is a call from a space where our universe came into existence with a big bang, a space which is also known as the black hole, on another level, it is a space of dark aspect of human existence from perspective of the current environmental threat to the planet and the future  generations. Banging on the gong is a way to awaken the human species from its  sleep of reason into an age of awareness. Her work Calling from the DARK is  especially geared towards an awakening to the environment, climate change and the endangered wildlife. Invoking the sounds of the gongs is an effort by the  artist to remind as well as to make the audience remember to take action on  saving the planet. The belief in the gong, a gamelan percussion and sound  instrument, are rooted in Javanese and South Asian history and spiritualism with the tendency to syncretize aspects of different religions in search for a common  ground. The rhythmic and non-rhythmic sounds coming out of the gong is NOT to please the audience but to put them in an uncomfortable state to make them  remember the overall purpose of the show and their presence.


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